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Classic blue shown in various fabrics from the Timothy Corrigan collection by Perennials.

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Pieces of orange and beige fabric draped over each other.


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Rough ‘n Rowdy
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Uncorked collection of fabrics by Perennials make up patterned umbrellas

Living Luxury

Every Detail Matters

Our passion to produce superior products is matched only by the performance of those products. Designing exceptional spaces with technically superior fabrics that are fade resistant, mildew- and mold-resistant and easily maintained is what we do.

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Blue fabrics in the Paradise Found collection by Perennials.


Articulate your artistic attitude and express your creative genius with Perennials’ made-to-order pillows.

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  • How can I purchase Perennials products?

    Perennials products are sold exclusively to the design trade and luxury retailers. Contact our showrooms to set up an account, for order inquiries, or assistance in finding a designer in your area.

  • How do I get samples of Perennials products?

    You can request samples directly through your online account. Registering an account with Perennials also gives you exclusive access to create design portfolios for easy reference of current and past projects as well as sharing with clients or associates.

    Every effort is made to process sample requests the day they are received, but same-day shipping is not guaranteed. Tracking information will be sent to you automatically once your order has been processed.

  • How can I check stock and pricing on Perennials products?

    Contact your Perennials representative or Perennials Customer Service for inquiries on stock levels. All prices are net wholesale to designers/architects in US Dollars, and a state sales tax resale number is required. Upon receipt of a 50% deposit or payment in full, sales are considered firm and acknowledged by Perennials with an order confirmation.

  • How do I clean and maintain Perennials products?

    All Perennials products are made with 100% solution-dyed acrylic, making clean-up easy! Refer to the links below for cleaning demonstrations and instructions.

    (If you prefer to have your fabrics or rugs professionally cleaned, it is important to inform the service that the fibers are 100% solution-dyed acrylic.)

  • Can additional finishes be applied to Perennials products?

    Most Perennials fabrics have a NanoSeal™ soil-resistant finish, so additional finishes are not needed. Backing may be applied to Perennials fabrics and customers should consult their workrooms regarding the suitability and type of backing to be used. Please note that application of any third-party finish voids the Perennials warranty and products will not be returnable.