Hotelier Liz Lambert Transports Perennials Far West for Spring 23

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Perennials by Far West borrows Lambert’s Baja bohemian aesthetic

Dallas, Texas – January 9, 2023 —Perennials Fabrics and Rugs, the leader in the international design industry and the preeminent provider of luxury performance textiles and accessories, has announced the debut of Perennials by Far West. Texas-based hotelier Liz Lambert, alongside her eclectic marketplace Far West, designed a collection of 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics and rugs inspired by her homes in Marfa and Baja California. Five new fabric qualities – Serape Stripe, Tejas Stripe, Baja Stripe, Roadrunner Stripe, and Campo Stripe – feature a kaleidoscope of color and texture. Perennials by Far West also introduces a new flatwoven rug design, Playa Stripe, ideal for outdoor use.

Perennials by Far West was informed by Liz Lambert’s love of Texas-meets-Baja craftsmanship. With a history of working with artisans across Mexico, Lambert created a collection of vibrant stripes with strong textures. Campo Stripe is a dimensional horizontal stripe with colorful accents, available in Sol, Azul, Sombra, and Cosmico. Inspired by vintage serape blankets, Serape Stripe is a vivid multi-hued stripe that is certain to make an impact. Using 26 colors in the warp (the most of any Perennials fabric!), Serape Stripe is debuting in three colorways – Agua Fresca, Palo Verde, and Sol. A fun option for outdoor upholstery, Tejas Stripe is an exuberant lightweight stripe with lively color options including Hibiscus.

“Perennials by Far West is a journey through my lifelong love of stripes,” explains Liz Lambert, Partner, MML Hospitality and Lambert McGuire Design. “We drew inspiration from the hand woven, striped textiles I’ve been collecting throughout my career and my travels. It was fun to sort through so much history and to take a new look at things from years ago. Going through the complete collection, we discovered new beauty in putting the pieces side by side and seeing how they interacted with each other.”

With a sturdy yet soft hand, Baja Stripe is a highly textured stripe with ombre color blending and is available in three colorways including a blue-forward Azul design. Roadrunner Stripe features a wide-blanket style stripe design, ideal for sofas and benches. Roadrunner Stripe is debuting in two colorways – Melon and Palo Verde.

 “Bonding over our love of Texas and tequila, this collaboration with Liz and her team was such a fun journey,” says Ann Sutherland, CEO, Perennials. “I think designers will love the collections’ vivid color. Collaborations allow us to explore different aesthetics and Perennials by Far West is a clear example. We’re excited to see this collection used in projects across the globe.”

Influenced by indoor-outdoor living in West Texas, Perennials by Far West feels casual yet distinct, perfect for both hospitality projects and residential homes. Playa Stripe is an understated flatwoven rug design featuring a colorful stripe border on two sides. The flatwoven design is versatile with the ability to layer indoors and out. Debuting in three standard colors – Hibiscus, Azul, and Cosmico – Playa Stripe is easily customizable according to project.  With thousands of poms to choose from, designers have the freedom to create their own spin on any Perennials rug for any space—indoors or out.

Woven from fine 100% solution-dyed acrylic yarn, Perennials’ fade-, mildew- and UV-resistant fabrics and rugs are able to stand up to life’s everyday adventures without sacrificing great design, making them uniquely suited to fit beautifully with any indoor or outdoor aesthetic. All Perennials fabrics are independently tested and certified in accordance with industry standards, including resistance to soil, water, UV radiation, tearing and abrasion. They are also bleach cleanable and easily maintained. The fabrics in this collection feature Perennials’ performance finish for extra protection against the elements. More than just a coating, Perennials finish is molecularly bonded with the fibers providing long- lasting protection even after repeated washings.

Perennials by Far West è disponibile per interior designer e architetti attraverso raffinati showroom in tutto il mondo. Per visualizzare la collezione completa, visita High-res images are available upon request.

About Far West

Far West is a design collective from the universe of Liz Lambert and a cabal of creative collaborators. It is home to El Cosmico Provision Co. as well as new collections for travel, rest and home. Far West and its community of like-minded creators also offer services to help bring brands, bands and other creative endeavors to life.

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The Perennials and Sutherland, LLC companies are icons and acknowledged leaders in the international design industry. Founder David Sutherland and CEO Ann Sutherland share an ingenious talent for curating the finest interior and exterior collections of luxury furniture, fabrics, rugs and accessories. Based in Dallas, Texas, Perennials and Sutherland, LLC is comprised of Sutherland Furniture, Perennials Luxury Performance Fabrics, and David Sutherland Showrooms. Perennials Fabrics is recognized by interior designers and high-end retail customers as the leader in luxury performance fabrics. Perennials Fabrics and Perennials Luxury Performance Rugs combine the look and feel of high-quality, natural materials with the superior performance properties of their genuine 100% solution-dyed acrylic fiber technology.

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