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Every loom makes music. A rhythm as unique and beautiful as the fabric it turns out - and the people who bring it to life.

Since the date she started on her quest for the ultimate outdoor fabric, Perennials president Ann Sutherland has conducted an orchestra of skilled artisans who love what they do - and it shows in every detail. Discover how the combination of amazing people and extraordinary production capabilities results in the exceptional design and performance for which Perennials fabrics are known. Watch our video to learn more.

From initial palette planning to construction and finishing, Perennials' fastidious process ensures perfection in every piece. View Perennials' product story.

In addition to fabrics, Perennials offers a selection of made-to-order luxury performance rugs specifically designed to resist mildew and fading while keeping a luxurious feeling underfoot. Just like Perennials fabrics, Perennials rugs are made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic yarns, meaning they are as durable as they are beautiful. View Perennials made-to-order rugs specifically designed to handle the rough stuff. Browse rug collections.

Perennials is a part of Acacia Partners, for more information on Acacia visit acaciapartnersllc.com.

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  • Designer Profiles

Perennials Studio

Led by Ann Sutherland, the designers of Perennials Studio are the minds and hands that have shaped Perennials into the premier high-performance fabric resource. With an intimate knowledge of Perennials' 100% solution-dyed acrylic yarns, an extensive collective knowledge of weaving, structure and design that spans more years than they care to admit, the design team creates hundreds of new concepts each year. This expertise also allows the team to quickly respond to requests for custom and unique creations for clients. Whether the textiles come from hand looms in the studio, or from working with world-renown designers to bring their visions to life, Perennials' designers push the limits to create fresh textures, patterns and colors that keep Perennials at the forefront of the design community.

Perennials Signature Designers

Most of our fabric designs are done in our in-house studio, which is an integral part of why Perennials stands out as one of the leading textile companies in the industry. We also have the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and well-respected designers in the world, where we collaborate on specific collections.

Clodagh Close

The unmistakable look, structure and flow of a space designed by Clodagh pleases all the senses with a careful mix of the exotic and the familiar.

Irish-born Clodagh believes good design should support well-being. She builds this belief into truly inspirational environments by using sustainable materials and incorporating elements of Feng Shui, Chromotherapy and Biophilia into her work.

The Clodagh Collection

View the Clodagh Collection

Galbraith and Paul Close

Liz Galbraith and Ephraim Paul, husband and wife, created their company in 1988, specializing in interior residential and commercial textiles. Liz, using traditional hand-block printing techniques, has developed an individual style that has received broad acceptance from the interior design community.

Using her original block-print prototypes, Perennials has worked closely with Liz and Ephraim to maintain the elemental crafted look and bring the art to the outdoor fabric market. Bold graphics and thoughts of nature are interpreted with a painterly style and they bring to Perennials fresh, new patterns and color combinations. Designed to blend and mix with contemporary and traditional styles, the collection suggests a young, fresh, and enthusiastic way of seeing the world.

The Galbraith & Paul Collection

Galbraith and Paul
View the Galbraith & Paul Collection

John Hutton Close

Instrumental in Perennials design aesthetic from its inception, John Hutton combined contemporary flair with a classical foundation to produce truly original concepts.

His unique perspective was grounded in a commitment to creating for the individual rather than for the market, a philosophy reflected in the unsurpassed quality, elegant simplicity and ultimate comfort so consistent in his work.

The New York Times called Hutton a national treasure, but he was equally appreciated on the international scene because of his contributions to the European furniture market. More than 200 of his pieces won awards and are now represented in prestigious museums around the world. Other work by John Hutton includes designs for furniture, hand-blown glass, lighting and interiors.

Rose Tarlow Close

Whether it is a shift in proportion or a unique use of wood finish or color palette, Rose Tarlow's vision for beautiful décor is unparalleled. As an internationally-renowned furniture and fabric artisan, interior designer, antiquarian and author, Rose’s creations have enchanted the design community for over thirty years. Her life and work have been covered by the New Yorker, the New York Times, Architectural Digest, Town and Country, House Beautiful, Elle Décor, and Veranda. A member of the Interior Design Hall of Fame since 1995, Rose is continuously profiled as one of Architectural Digest's AD100 honoring the world’s most influential architects and designers. She has taught several master classes in design at UCLA and her book The Private House (2002) is in its third printing.

The Rose Tarlow Melrose House Collection

Tarlow Collection
View the Rose Tarlow Melrose House Collection
  • Perennials Care

Cleaning Instructions

We recommend cleaning Perennials luxury fabrics and rugs with natural soap in lukewarm water. Sponge briskly and rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove dirt. (Acrylic does not support mildew growth; however, mildew may grow on dirt and residue that has not been removed from the fabric.) Air dry. Chlorine bleach will not affect the coloration of the solution-dyed acrylic fiber and is therefore acceptable for stubborn stain removal.

Chlorine bleach, strong chemicals or harsh detergents will eventually affect the strength of any fiber or cloth, so we suggest a diluted solution of one part bleach to two parts water. Thorough rinsing is essential. Please note that chlorine bleach is never recommended as a stain remover for printed fabrics or natural fibers (i.e. hemp), as it will affect the coloration of the print or natural fiber.

Professional cleaning is always recommended for tough stains.

For more detailed cleaning instructions, please use the Perennials cleaning and care guides below.

Download the Complete Instruction Guide (pdf 419 KB)

Download the Quick Cleaning Guide (pdf 421 KB)

Velvet Handling & Care

Perennials 100% solution-dyed acrylic velvets offer high-performance style and luxury, enhancing living spaces both indoors and out. With a few basic tips for proper handling and care, these luxurious fabrics will remain beautiful for years to come.

In order to prevent damage to the pile, velvet should never be stored vertically, as the weight of the fabric may sag and unduly press on the lower end of the bolt, potentially resulting in wrinkling. Always store bolts horizontally and suspended if possible. Though every measure has been taken to protect the velvet, some wrinkling may occur in transit and is not to be considered a defect.

Professional cleaning is always recommended for tough stains.

Download the complete instruction guide (pdf 419 KB)

  • Warranty Information

Perennials 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are backed by a no-fade guarantee valid for three years from the date of purchase (with the exception of prints, which hold a one year warranty, and Cabana™, which holds a five year warranty). The warranty does not cover color loss of natural fibers (i.e. hemp) or degradation from normal wear, stains from environmental pollution, negligence or weather soiling. Although Perennials fabrics are soil resistant, they are not stain proof. This warranty is limited to the replacement of the fabric and does not apply to labor costs or materials replacement. Additional processing applied by a third party voids our warranty.

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