Perennials Ready to Toss and designer pillows combine incredible design, uncompromising luxury and worry-free performance. These square softies are made with Perennials' 100% solution-dyed acrylic yarns, making them stain-, mildew-, and fade-resistant.

Pillows and Stool in Chartreuse
View the Whippersnapper / Nightshade Fringed Pillow.
Whippersnapper / Nightshade Fringed
View the Left Bank Stripe / In the Pink Pillow.
Left Bank Stripe / In the Pink
View the Left Bank Stripe / Capri Pillow.
Left Bank Stripe / Capri
View the Left Bank Stripe / Provence Pillow.
Left Bank Stripe / Provence
View the Plushy / Ash Pillow.
Plushy / Ash
View the Plushy / Ice Blue Pillow.
Plushy / Ice Blue
View the Plushy / Shell Pillow.
Plushy / Shell
View the Plushy / Chartreuse Pillow.
Plushy / Chartreuse
View the La Loup Tasseled / Nickel Pillow.
La Loup Tasseled / Nickel
View the La Loup Tasseled / Blue Boy  Pillow.
La Loup Tasseled / Blue Boy
View the La Loup Tasseled / Vapor Pillow.
La Loup Tasseled / Vapor
View the Whippersnapper Fringed / Breakers  Pillow.
Whippersnapper Fringed / Breakers
View the Whippersnapper Fringed / Mouse  Pillow.
Whippersnapper Fringed / Mouse
View the Whippersnapper Fringed / Desert Rose  Pillow.
Whippersnapper Fringed / Desert Rose
View the Whippersnapper Fringed / Vapor  Pillow.
Whippersnapper Fringed / Vapor
View the Plushy Luxe / Seal Pillow.
Plushy Luxe / Seal
View the Plushy Luxe / Vapor Pillow.
Plushy Luxe / Vapor
View the Plushy Luxe / Denim Pillow.
Plushy Luxe / Denim
View the Plushy Luxe / Hello, Sailor! Pillow.
Plushy Luxe / Hello, Sailor!
View the Plushy Luxe / Blanca Pillow.
Plushy Luxe / Blanca
View the Plushy Luxe / Slate Pillow.
Plushy Luxe / Slate
View the Fair & Square /  Blanca Pillow.
Fair & Square / Blanca
View the Fair & Square / Slate Pillow.
Fair & Square / Slate
View the Rivet / Denim Pillow.
Rivet / Denim
View the Rivet / Hello, Sailor! Pillow.
Rivet / Hello, Sailor!
View the Fairways / Denim Pillow.
Fairways / Denim
View the Framework / Seal Pillow.
Framework / Seal
View the Framework / Denim Pillow.
Framework / Denim
View the Fairways / Grey Matter Pillow.
Fairways / Grey Matter