Articulate your artistic attitude and express your creative genius with Perennials’ made-to-order pillows. Sophisticated designs utilize Perennials trademarked 100% solution-dyed acrylic textiles and trimmings for an infinite range of possibilities. Featuring the exceptional fade resistance and durability that Perennials is known for, each one is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

View the Plushy Luxe / Seal Pillow.
Plushy Luxe / Seal
View the Plushy Luxe / Vapor Pillow.
Plushy Luxe / Vapor
View the Plushy Luxe / Denim Pillow.
Plushy Luxe / Denim
View the Plushy Luxe / Hello, Sailor! Pillow.
Plushy Luxe / Hello, Sailor!
View the Plushy Luxe / Blanca Pillow.
Plushy Luxe / Blanca
View the Plushy Luxe / Slate Pillow.
Plushy Luxe / Slate
View the Fair & Square /  Blanca Pillow.
Fair & Square / Blanca
View the Fair & Square / Slate Pillow.
Fair & Square / Slate
View the Rivet / Denim Pillow.
Rivet / Denim
View the Rivet / Hello, Sailor! Pillow.
Rivet / Hello, Sailor!
View the Fairways / Denim Pillow.
Fairways / Denim
View the Framework / Seal Pillow.
Framework / Seal
View the Framework / Denim Pillow.
Framework / Denim
View the Fairways / Grey Matter Pillow.
Fairways / Grey Matter
View the Color Block Pillow.
Color Block
View the Color Block Lumbar Pillow.
Color Block Lumbar
View the On the Edge Pillow.
On the Edge
View the On the Edge Lumbar Pillow.
On the Edge Lumbar
View the Beaten Path Pillow.
Beaten Path
View the Off Kilter Pillow.
Off Kilter
View the Sidewinder Pillow.
View the Frame of Reference Pillow.
Frame of Reference
View the Snaggletooth Pillow.
View the Jungle Gym Pillow.
Jungle Gym
View the Kissing Rocks Pillow.
Kissing Rocks
View the Bedouin Basket Pillow.
Bedouin Basket
View the Tribal Trellis Pillow.
Tribal Trellis