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Suit Yourself

Perennials presents Suit Yourself, a new collection of 42 luxury performance fabrics with a tailored aesthetic that’s 100% elegant and 100% solution-dyed acrylic. What makes solution-dyed acrylic so great? It means our fabrics are technically superior, fade resistant, mildew- and mold-resistant, bleach cleanable and easily maintained.

This new collection is crafted with four new colorways and seven new sartorial fabric qualities, including Check Mate and the luscious Big Softy. Stylish and soft to the touch, the handsome mix of slick patterns, clean lines, and textural designs makes Suit Yourself a perfect fit for drapes, pillows, upholsteries or anything your heart desires, indoors or out.

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The Art of Glankoff

Artwork beautiful enough to hang in a gallery, now durable enough to live under your feet! Perennials’ newest rug collection, Perennials the Art of Glankoff, is inspired by the abstract expressionism art of Sam Glankoff. Inspired by his art’s bold brushstrokes and rich textures, Perennials is bringing Glankoff’s innovations to the forefront, interpreting his masterpieces in hand-knotted rugs.

In translating Glankoff’s art from paper to yarn, Perennials carefully captured surface details showcasing the artist’s innovative techniques, including seam lines of the paper panels and subtle color blends developed from Glankoff’s original color charts.

Artwork that once lived only in gallery settings is now durable enough to survive the messiness of modern life - including kids, dogs and wine. Each rug stands as a work of art in its own right. However, this art doesn’t require a gallery wall - the soft, thick pile naturally resists stains, fading and mildew. It’s artwork made for modern life.

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