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Close-up of an artisan's hands checking a Tibetan rug. Timothy Corrigan
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The Heart of Design

Our passion for design is only matched by our passion for community. In response to the local and national need for face masks, Perennials pivoted operations in order to manufacture ...

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From the design section

Home Design Tips Amid Social Distancing

Around the globe, local and national officials are urging people to stay at home in order to "flatten the curve" of COVID-19. Now more than ever, the home is becoming ...

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Off the Loom: In the Mix Spring Campaign

What happens when Perennials designs come off the loom? It's time to take the original concepts and inspiration, and decide how we introduce that vision to the world. Learn how ...

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From the story behind section

The Story Behind the Go To Stripe

After months and months of product development, Perennials fabrics and rugs debut with a particular fanfare behind the scenes. Many become infamous inside the walls of Perennials HQ. Now we’...