• Care & Cleaning

Killer Stains? No big deal.

If you’ve made a mess on Perennials, you have nothing to worry about. From barbecue sauce to wine, see our Quick Cleaning Guide for solutions on the most usual suspects.

Download the Quick Cleaning Guide
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Have a bigger mess or just want to learn more about just how easy Perennials products are to clean? Visit one of the care pages below to learn more:

Learn about fabric care


You don't have to whine
about that wine spill.

Learn about fabric care
Learn about rug care


If it's on the ground,
it's gonna get dirty.

Learn about rug care
Download the instruction guide


Feel free to throw anything you want at our throw pillows.

Download the Complete Instruction Guide
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Perennials Bleach-cleanable Fabrics Perennials Rugs Cleaning Tutorial