Exclusively Solution-Dyed Acrylic

Perennials is the leader in the luxury performance textiles industry. Since the company’s debut in 1997, Perennials has become recognized as the designer’s dream for both contract and residential applications, transforming gardens, pools, yachts and casual living areas into enchanting spaces.

Year after year, Perennials brings remarkable high-performance fabrics to luxury with designs in 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabric. Suitable for outdoors and carefree indoor spaces, Perennials' prints, wovens, jacquards and velvets draw inspiration from nature, art, cultures, anywhere our eyes and minds take us.

Perennials began with solution-dyed acrylic fabrics – but has expanded its offerings to trims, made-to-order rugs and pillows that use our acrylic fiber and are every bit as beautiful, cleanable and durable as the fabrics.

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Yes, We are Obsessive

Color, fiber, finish - every detail matters.

Our obsession with producing superior products is matched only by your obsession with designing exceptional spaces. Being meticulously preoccupied with every step in the production of Perennials high-performance textiles makes our obsessiveness a good thing. Our fixation results in technically superior fabrics that are fade resistant, mildew- and mold-resistant and easily maintained. The Perennials Fiber Mark symbolizes our unyielding commitment to industry-leading performance and style. Look for this mark as your guarantee that a fabric is made with Perennials genuine 100% solution-dyed acrylic fiber technology.

It all Starts with Color

In this fashion-driven world, color is key. We are always thinking about color. Months - sometimes years - ahead, we start planning, testing and prototyping new fiber colors. After digging through natural and man-made pigments, looking for inspiration all around the world and listening to client requests, we introduce exciting new colors to our palette. Every color is thoroughly tested for performance and colorfastness before it is added to our yarn bank.

Liquid Polymer to Fiber Perfection

We believe that understanding the differences between the many fibers used in outdoor and high-performance fabrics will allow our clients to choose products that not only live up to, but surpass, their expectations. All of our 100% solution-dyed acrylic fibers begin as a liquid acrylic polymer solution. This solution is injected with elemental pigments, then extruded, aligned, stretched, crimped and cut, resulting in a fiber that resembles natural cotton. This process ensures that our colors completely permeate the fiber and enables our yarn to stand up to the elements better than yarn-dyed or piece-dyed fabrics.

Not only does the solution-dyed acrylic fabric offer a more natural look and feel, the fiber’s polymer itself has an inherent resistance to ultraviolet degradation, which exceeds that of other fibers such as polypropylene, olefin and polyester. On a microscopic level, the cross-section of our fiber is round, which seems like a small detail. However, unlike the kidney-bean shape of other solution-dyed fibers, the round shape adds a higher tenacity, improved abrasion resistance and better color consistency. Dralon*, another acrylic fabric that is often promoted for outdoor use, is yarn-dyed, which means the color does not permeate all the way though, causing it to fall short of Perennials’ stringent standards for fade and bleach tests.

Years of research have proven that 100% solution-dyed acrylic is still the superior product for outdoor use.

* Dralon is a registered trademark of dralon GmbH

Enlarged Fiber Comparison

Spinning Yarn, Weaving an Idea

With over thirty electronic looms, Perennials Textiles de Mexico, our production facility in Mexico, produces thousands of yards of luxury fabrics every year. Our extraordinary production capabilities paired with our intricate product development process, can create quality custom fabrics faster than ever.

Our product development team will mix, spin and ply innovative new yarns for application in casements, upholstery, awnings and rugs. Creating unique, textured chenille, boucle, slub and plied yarns allows for infinite design possibilities.

The team then goes into the studio to weave real samples on hand looms and to create simulated samples or full-scale replicas on computers of the patterns and textures that we dream about night and day. Every design is meticulously analyzed and tweaked until we are happy with the new creation.

After the preliminary sampling in our studio, we request color blankets from our mill of the fresh ideas we have created. Upon receipt of the blankets, we glean through thousands of combinations to come up with the perfect solution to our design challenge.

The Big Finish...

We always strive to offer only the best; therefore, Perennials developed a technical finish called Perennials NanoSeal™. More than just a coating, Perennials NanoSeal is molecularly bonded with the fibers, providing long-lasting protection even after repeated washings. Water or substances such as oil, wine or ketchup simply run off the surface or can be easily rinsed off with plain water.

Testing, Testing

Many clients have strict guidelines they are asked to follow when selecting fabrics for projects. All of our fabrics are submitted to independent, certified testing laboratories, where a barrage of tests are conducted every design we have developed. Throughout this extensive testing, our fabrics are subjected to the harshest of conditions, to achieve certified results for abrasion resistance (Wyzenbeek, ASTM D4157), breaking and tear strength (ASTM D3597/ D5034, ASTM D2261), brush pill (ASTM D3511) and flammability (California Bulletin TB117-2013, NFPA 260/UFAC Class 1).The results of all of these tests are published in our literature and available upon request.

Both accelerated ultraviolet testing in the Arizona desert and actual use show Perennials solution-dyed acrylic fabrics will stand up to sunlight for at least three years without fading. While Perennials fabrics look beautiful season after season, other pretenders can go pale in less than six weeks.

In addition to rigorous testing, inspections are important at Perennials. Every yard is subjected to no less than three inspections before the order leaves the dock. We take personal pride in caring about our product and our reputation.

From fiber to finish to you

From fiber technology to design, quality, customer service and final delivery, every step in the production process is our assurance to our client. This is the reason we can offer an industry leading guarantee. All Perennials 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are backed by a no-fade guarantee valid for three years from the date of purchase (with the exception of prints, which hold a one year warranty and Cabana,™ which has a five year warranty).

Be confident when you select fabrics identified by the Perennials Fiber Mark that you will receive a product that lives up to our name: enduring, constant and fun.

Discover Your New Obsession

Color, fiber, finish – every detail matters. Our obsession with producing superior products is matched only by your obsession with designing exceptional spaces. That’s why Perennials solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are the best choice for every luxurious outdoor and casual living space you design.

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