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  • Custom Design Rug

Custom Rugs – As easy as a-b-c

All Perennials Luxury Performance Rugs are made-to-order and handcrafted by skilled artisans - just the way you want it.

Creating your own Perennials rug is only a step away.

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Pick a quality and pattern

Start by selecting either the Tibetan knot quality for a dense pile rug, or the flatwoven construction for a sleek look. The Perennials Luxury Performance Rugs Collection features exclusive patterns in both rug constructions, or we can create a pattern from your own artwork.

Start Browsing Products

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Pick a Color, Any Color

Order from the showcased colorways, or use them as inspiration in creating your own design. Browse products for even more colorway inspiration. To design your own colorway, the Perennials pom box includes more than 200 colors to create a combination that will meet your project needs.

To get started on your custom colorway, choose from one of our many designs and switch your poms until you find the perfect combination.

Colorize Your Rug

Custom Sizes

Determine a size

Finally, specify your rug dimensions. The Perennials design team will confirm all of the details in a rendering, ensuring that your rug is exactly the way you want it.

Custom Patterns

Don't like ours? We'll make one just for you.

Design Concept

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Custom Design Step 2

Custom Rug

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