Predicting 2024 Design Trends with AD100 Designers

A new year is upon us. With it arrives a flurry of trends, both new and recycled from decades past. We already dove into Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz. We now want to see what leaders of design are predicting for the industry for 2024. Whether it be architectural features or particular furniture design, we asked 2024 AD100 designers their thoughts on trends for the year. In a word – COLOR.

Bouclé, Revamped

Good news, the cozy nubby fabric is here to stay! New York-based designer Josh Greene tells AD, “People like bouclé because it’s soft and because of this trend of shapely, rounded furniture à la Vladimir Kagan. To upholster those curves well, you need a bouclé that pulls in multiple directions,” he explains. However, the days of solid colors are over. Two-tone bouclé alongside “supersoft, comfy, and durable” fabrics like chenille are the future, says the designer.

Photo Courtesy of Josh Greene

Colorful Minimalism

Many tend to think of minimalism as an all-neutral monastery-like space à la Kim Kardashian’s abode. Pamela Shamshiri of Studio Shamshiri predicts a spin on this. “I predict that we will go more minimal in the coming year but with more color. With the amount of information coming our way and the speed of it, everyone wants calm, minimal homes that are a refuge or place of recovery.”

Photo courtesy of Studio Shamshiri

Victorian Era Details

Blame it on The Gilded Age, or Saltburn. Ornate European architectural details are making a comback. “Clients have been coming to me with images of that [late 19th-century] Parisian style—crown moldings and chevron floors—so there’s definitely a revival happening,” Nicole Hollis tells Elle Decor. “There’s also more modern millwork in conjunction with those moldings and things [as a balance], but it’s certainly a more ornate style.”

Photo courtesy of Nicole Hollis

Warm Colors

Much in line with Peach Fuzz and our Spring 2024 collection – coming soon! – Vicky Charles of Charles and Co. thinks warm hues will rule 2024. “In recent years, there’s been a shying away from brightly colored and patterned walls in favor of a completely muted palette; however, when used strategically, they can be fun and joyful – and who doesn’t need a bit of that?  Statement marbles, soft textured plastered walls all in rich colors. No more decorators white, instead a soft pink light as everyone looks better in a sunset glow.”

Photo courtesy of Charles and Co.
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