Design Deep Dive with A Well Dressed Home

Welcome to Design Deep Dive, where we call on designers to give us the details behind installs featuring Perennials!

Emily Hewett is a Dallas native and the founder of A Well Dressed Home, where she and her team deliver beautiful style for her many clients. When it came time to create her own home, she knew exactly what to do. “While this is my own home, it was designed in collaboration with my team, so we’re referring to it as the company’s ‘show home.’ The goal was to put our best foot forward with not only the design of the furnishings and construction finishes, but also the layout. It was important to create sight lines with a wow factor.”

When it came to the entryway and staircase, the design team had a specific plan in mind. Hewett says, “We chose to tuck the entry staircase away from the door so that the view from the front door looks down the center of the hallway and out to the rectangular pool.

The custom runner was a collaboration between the Perennials team and Hewett’s design team. The staircase has casual elements like white risers and oak treads, accented with brass details and the crisply tailored runner. The home’s color scheme includes white, light blue, and tan, all reflected in the elegant front hallway. to be able to see more of the stairs and custom runner, we opted for a see-through fireplace in the living room so that you can see the stairs from that side of the home.” For the design of the staircase, the team chose a casual look with elevated details.

While the stair is a casual white oak tread and riser, we added solid brass for the handrail and decorative baluster collars…just to give it pizazz!

The centerpiece is the custom runner. “We had the best time working with the Perennials team on this runner. We started by showing them the base colors—whites, light blues and tans. From there we selected poms to coordinate with the base colors and designated a pom for each portion of the rug. A few weeks later we had a strike off, and about 16 weeks later the runner arrived! “

One of the many pros of a Perennials rug? It’s completely puppy proof! Captain Hewett (pictured above) agrees.