After graduating as product designer in Belgium in 1983, Jean-Pierre Geelen began working with Axel Enthoven, a renowned Belgian product designer. By 1989 Enthoven invited Geelen to become a partner at Enthoven Associates Design Consultants, the leading design studio in Belgium. During his tenure Jean-Pierre was involved in hundreds of design products for the widest range of industrial and consumer products, ranging from sanitary ware, consumer electronics, public transportation, outdoor, public, and residential furniture design, luggage, and more. Geelen also earned a wide range of international design awards, working across European and Asian markets.

Geelen resigned from the partnership in 2009, but continues to collaborate with Enthoven on a project basis and freelance designer.

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Neo-Classic Armless Chaise
Neo-classic Armless Chaise
Neo-classic Lounge Chair
Neo-contour Chaise