“Angelo Donghia introduced me to John Dickinson in 1978. From 1980 until his death in 1982, I represented John’s unique designs in my Texas showrooms. For many years, I have wanted to reintroduce John’s collection in a material and manner that he would have admired. Now with the complete approval of his estate, I have the opportunity to do just that and I sincerely hope that all who have appreciated his designs will look favorably on our efforts.” – David Sutherland 

“I first remember seeing the firehouse published in “House and Garden.” It was so different than anything I had ever seen and not a little shocking. When I was living in San Francisco a few years later, we met quite by accident and became close friends. I think, for that reason, it has always been difficult for me to separate his work from our friendship. But I can say now that I have, and find it more wonderful than ever. He would be thrilled that an entirely new group of collectors feel the same way.” – Carlene Safdie

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Etruscan Table
Hoofed Table
Medium African Table
Table With Rope Tie