Each and every roll of Perennials Fabrics undergoes intense multistep quality checks by the time they are shipped to their final destinations. Our fulfillment teams are sticklers for imperfections, so occasionally fabrics are deemed unsuitable for clients and stashed in the warehouse where they are labeled “seconds.”

To the untrained eye, our seconds fabrics are perfectly fine so we aim to reuse them in various ways. Donations to charitable organizations and schools for education purposes. Recycling into fun items for internal use. Even partnering with brands to create new beautiful products. Which is how we became involved with NICASCONCEPT.


NICASCONCEPT is a handbag brand created by two Berlin sisters, Nika and Carolina. Their idea was to move away from fast fashion, towards the creation of unique handbags by using old fabrics. Enter Perennials. The sisters and Perennials were introduced through the interior design community in Europe. We realized our old fabrics could become their gorgeous accessories. A match made in design heaven. So we shipped our seconds fabrics to Germany, where they were transformed into chic handbags.

The team at NICASCONCEPT intends each bag to be collected thoughtfully and treasured over seasons and years to come. What better way to ensure bags last years to come than to cover them in Perennials? NICASCONCEPT used seconds from client-favorite fabrics like Wild Child, Homespun, In the Loop and more to create ultra-durable yet chic handbags. Because Perennials are made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic fibers, they are completely resistant to stains and mildew, and can be easily spot cleaned with dish soap or bleach!

“We are so happy to have the chance to work with Perennials Fabrics, not only because the colors and prints are timeless classics, but also because their fabrics are high-quality standard and very easy to care for,” says Carolina Neuhold, co-founder, NICASCONCEPT. “A Nicasconcept bag can be worn day and night, that is why it’s super important for us that the fabrics of the bags remain in good quality. Perennials’ fabrics make this possible .”

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