Perennials Pillows Got a Makeover

Cest la vie pillows
Dive into how Perennials revamped a pillow program from the floor up. New fabrics. New fill. New design possibilities.

We are thrilled to have pillows that are in stock. We feel that pillows are the jewelry of the sofa and you can never have too many!

Perennials Fabrics has been manufacturing custom pillows for years, allowing for a multitude of combinations from trims to embroidery. Yet in the past couple of years, things changed. The uptick of quick ship programs and direct-to-consumer businesses led to requests for shorter lead times. After much deliberation, we decided to debut a new in-stock pillow program allowing for fast shipping and endless possibilities.

Stack of pillows

The Fill-osophy

What goes into our indoor-outdoor throw pillows? Each 20 by 20 square pillow is filled with Perennials’ 100% synthetic fill, which feels like down yet can sit anywhere. Formerly, Perennials’ pillows were crafted with either down or dacron fill. However, this choice led to much longer lead times and a higher price tag. Now the pillows can reside anywhere without clients needing to specify. From rain to wine spills, these pillows can take a punch. With the exception of Plushy Luxe and Paladino styles which are quickly made to order, many Perennials pillows are immediately available to ship in order to fit any last-minute design solution.

The Designs

Unofficially, the new Perennials pillow program kicked off with the launch of Perennials by Allison Paladino. Paladino provided a coastal architectural perspective to her rug and pillow collection. Paladino’s four pillow designs feature geometric embroidery and luxe textures.

For Fall 2020 Perennials emphasized soft hues and and effortless sophistication for the C’est La Vie collection of fabrics and rugs. So when we launched the pillow program in August, many of these colors – shell, chartreuse, ice blue – made it into the drop. From Plushy to Left Bank Stripe, Perennials currently offers a pillow for any aesthetic. Feeling more flirty? Styles like Whippersnapper and La Loup Tasseled include fringed edges and tasseled corners.

24 Hour Access

To keep up with the demand of quick shipping and instant gratification, Perennials is now e-commerce capable for verified trade members! Designers can order pillows at the click of button to complete any room or outdoor space. Want more styles? Perennials will be adding new designs with each seasonal launch. Spring 2021, here we come!

Allison Paladino Pillows