Textiles 101: Perennials Rope Rugs

Fall 2021 marks the first collection in which Perennials Rope rugs debuted. Perennials by Vincent Van Duysen features three rug designs that are woven with these 100% solution-dyed acrylic ropes. Where did this rope come from? Why make a rug out of rope? Keep reading to find out…

Perennials Rope Origins

Perennials Rope actually originated within a 2019 Sutherland Furniture collection: Otti. Another Vincent Van Duysen collaboration, Otti is an outdoor furniture collection influenced by Bauhaus weaver Otti Berger. The Sutherland and Perennials design teams collaborated to find a material to suit Van Duysen’s needs – and Perennials Rope was born. The soft-yet-durable rope maintains Perennials’ performance qualities and offers a tactile quality to the furniture.

Perennials Rope Development

After we saw how versatile Perennials Rope could be, the Perennials Rugs product development team got to work experimenting with different ropes and weaves. Rope thickness can be adjusted similar to how Perennials plies different yarns. We ply up to several yarns to produce a thicker yarn.

product development in action

The development of rope rugs allowed us to offer natural-looking rugs a la sisal and jute rugs. With earthy texture, typical natural-fiber rugs are adored for their versatility in a space. Van Duysen favored this imperfect organic beauty underfoot, so Perennials crafted three of his designs as flatwoven rope varieties.

Can you customize rope rugs?

With the exception of Perennials’ in-stock Ready to Roll rugs, all Perennials rugs are made to order at Perennials India. This allows clients the chance to customize every order, from the ground up with a new design to a new colorway on an existing design. Is it more difficult to customize a Perennials Rope rug? Nope!

We have the ability to customize the rope for specific projects or end uses. Our Sutherland Perennials rope and our Perennials rope vary in size as well as construction methods.

Rope colors galore

The customization process is very similar to our other processes. Clients use yarn cards on hand or the side of a pom to determine what blend they prefer for their rope. From there, our designers at Dallas HQ will custom weave a small section of rope for the client based on these selections. Regarding Van Duysen’s designs, these rugs execute best in one to two colors. Confused? We advise our clients on the best execution method and color integration during the customization process.

Interested in learning more about quoting your own Perennials rope rug? Reach out to your local rep today!

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