Thrills & Spills with Allison Paladino

Allison Paladino
Allison Paladino gifted us with her clean coastal vibe and architectural panache when developing her rug and pillow designs for Perennials. Join us as we get to know the Palm Beach designer.

One look at Allison Paladino’s portfolio and you’ll notice two things: water and clean lines. The Palm Beach designer is known for creating indoor and outdoor spaces that enhance their surroundings, whether it be a poolside loggia or a sophisticated formal dining room with an ocean view. Paladino’s rug and pillow designs for Perennials reflect her refined sense of comfort. Combining Perennials’ soft-yet-durable yarns and her love of geometric motifs, Paladino created a beautifully cohesive collection that would add a touch of luxury to any space.

How does Paladino continue to find inspiration? What does she prioritize in a client’s home? Keep reading to learn more about Paladino’s design perspective and lifestyle.

Perennials Fabric with Sutherland Furniture

How did you get into design?

I became a designer because it was innate from a young age. My mom was a designer! It came very natural from the time I designed my bedroom as an 8th grader. It’s funny how even at a young age, it was very tailored and orderly. I love a clean simple space! There’s an absolute formula to every room we do!

Describe your design aesthetic in five words.

  • Tranquil
  • Tactile
  • Inviting
  • Dramatic
  • Timeless

What are your favorite spaces to design?

I love designing any space where I can create architectural elements that make someone want to stop, study, and stay a while. I love to create an environment that is comfortable and inviting. Calming and makes you feel at home.  The reality is that clients want to live in all their spaces. Living and dining rooms are no longer being used for only special occasions! TV’s are in living rooms, which leads to chips and salsa, sangria, cocktail sauce, red wine… oh my! Let’s not forget about the kid’s fruit punch, crayons and god forbid they get a hold of the sharpies! That’s why my clients are hooked on Perennials.

Also – any outdoor space that feels like a room! Warm and cozy enough to snuggle up and perhaps read a great book or hang out with friends and have adult beverages.

Photo by Kim Sargent

How did your collection with Perennials come about?

My collection with Perennials came about by offering something they didn’t have – and as their client, I wanted! As an interior designer and a product designer,  I’ve learned that it’s important to come to a company with product they don’t have. I absolutely adore and specify a ton of Perennials fabrics & rugs, so I was extremely familiar the lines. My collection just adds another dimension for them and for me to specify! We’ve added a combination of loop and cut pile rug designs that add wonderful texture and depth to a room.

It takes one demo at Perennials’ showroom – usually involving red wine and bleach -and then boom! The love affair begins! Our clients are hooked on Perennials!

What was the inspiration behind Perennials by Allison Paladino?

Allison Paladino Sonder Rug and Framework Pillow

I am coo-coo over geometric forms and different textures! The inspiration behind my collection also comes from my travels.

My Traverse rug was inspired by the many rice paddies in Thailand! Walkabout was inspired by the wonderful woven basket from Andros Island in the Bahamas. Sonder comes out of my love for wrought iron grillwork I’ve admired around Europe & even NYC!

What piece was the most fun to design?

I had a blast designing the pillows! It was a lot of fun. Often times we use pillows as a way to tie colors together in a room. Rugs typically add texture and the color anchors the room. The pillows are the cherries on top! Pillows give the pop and like I said, brings all the colors together in a room. My favorite piece in the collection is Framework – a pillow that blends the boundaries of modern and classic!

Assuming we can safely entertain again soon (knock on wood!), what are your top summer entertaining tips for hosting guests at home?

  • Decorate your table with edible flowers and greens
  • Set up a great playlist!
  • Encourage guests to serve themselves with a buffet and bar
  • Prepare ahead of time so you can enjoy yourself
  • Games! I think it is hysterical to play couples Pictionary!
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Walkabout Tibetan Knot
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Traverse Tibetan Knot
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Voyage Tibetan Knot