Thrills & Spills with Anita Turcotte

Perennials and Sutherland products are crafted for, and in some cases inspired by, the seas. With impeccable durability and sophisticated design ideal for yachties everywhere, our fabrics, rugs, and furniture resist corrosion with style. We recently tapped friend-and-fan-of-the-brand Anita Turcotte, the principal designer of Verge Yacht Design, to assemble her go-to Perennials SKUs that she opts for on the reg. Ahead of the launch, we spoke with Turcotte about her collection: Curated by Verge Yacht Design.

What do you look for in yacht textiles?

AT: I look for three things… UV protection for exterior spaces, durability for the crew and guests’ benefit, and unique patterns!

What are you favorite 3 SKUs from your collection?

Are fabrics that you choose for exterior spaces different from those you choose for interiors?

AT: This depends on the design. Many times, we use the interior fabrics to accent the exterior views. For this, I recommend similar patterns and/or textures to accent the space.  This bridges the gap between interior and exterior, which brings the beautiful outdoor views in!

What do you enjoy most about designing for yachts?

Our group loves the challenge of designing beautiful and functional spaces. At Verge, we believe functional design can be achieved without compromising aesthetics and quality. 

To view Curated by Verge Yacht Design, click HERE.

Curated by Verge Yacht Design
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