The Importance of Professional Trade Designers

Why Hire an Interior Designer

At the time of posting, Perennials Fabrics and Rugs remains a strictly to-the-trade design company. What does that mean? Only trade-verified interior designers, architects and other professionals may purchase Perennials directly. Common certifications include AIA, ASID, IIAD, and IDA. It may seem like a hassle to find a trusted certified designer to assist in a move or renovation. But trust us. The savings in time, energy, and money are endless. Keep reading to discover why Perennials adores "the Trade."

Let’s begin with an analogy… Have you ever had a leaky kitchen sink and thought “I don’t need to hire a plumber… I got this!” with a sense of (very false) confidence? Same. But then you get under sink, unscrew random things, remove something that probably isn’t important (ha.) and BAM… the leak turns into Niagara Falls. Things immediately get more expensive and you still have to hire a plumber. This is what can happen when clients attempt to renovate a home without any knowledge of floor plans, measurements, hardware, etc. Things take a turn quickly.

Being a Trade Only company, we are certain orders that come in are 100% correct in terms of yardage, application, and color. We truly value our designer relationships because we know they are the reason end users love Perennials. When a design is executed to perfection, what’s not to love? Those new to the design space (first-time home owners, young adults, etc.) may not realize the importance of professionals, so we are tackling the reasons both brands and end-users rely on accredited designers.

Unnecessary Expense

People may think designers themselves are an unnecessary expense. However, unforeseen expenses are the name of the game when it comes to projects done by amateurs.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

Interior Designer Sara See explains, “Do-overs are expensive! Trained designers study scale, proportion, and color theory. These aren’t things you can learn from online mood boards. Not to mention the amount of leg work that goes into delivering a superior product, that our vendors stand behind.”

The Bigger Picture

Interior designers and architects have the eye to create one cohesive design. Clients have certain “wish list” items; however, blending different wants and using existing pieces takes talent. An unbiased eye is especially pivotal if mixing and matching aesthetics. A designer acts as an excellent mediator between a couple who can’t agree on a final vision.

Access is Everything

Trade members have access to LOTS of brands that end-users do not. Perennials is one of those brands. Unless shopping with our retail partners like RH or Serena & Lily, only trade designers can purchase Perennials. This is the case with many interior and outdoor brands. Not only do designers gain purchasing access, they also gain trade pricing which is discounted. Designers also constantly learn about new manufacturers and collections through industry relationships with showrooms, other designers, etc. Their vast knowledge of available options is a huge benefit when shopping for new pieces.

Designers Sweat the Small Stuff

Designers make it look so easy on Instagram. But home design isn’t all mood boards and swatch rings. There are many small details that add up to one stressful process. Blueprints, sample ordering, product tracking, installation. These are the steps you do not see on the ‘gram for one reason. They aren’t fun and easy! Designers allow clients to actually have fun with the design process.

No Returns Necessary

Benefiting both the manufacturer and client, when designers take the lead on ordering fabrics, made-to-order furniture, and rugs, there is rarely need for returns. More often than not, designers get it right the first time, saving time and money for all involved. This is why we value our trade relationships – they make our jobs easier too!

The trade is an indispensable part of our industry. Designers and architects are trend setters – the life force that keeps the design community moving forward.

As an interior designer herself, Perennials Co-Founder Ann Sutherland prioritizes designer relationships at every level of business. Many companies are looking toward direct-to-consumer operations, and while e-commerce might be in Perennials’ future, we trust the trade to deliver quality projects and perfectly-executed products.

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