Winter White Dining

Get inspired by our favorite dining spaces featuring winter whites.

When we are looking for the perfect textile that needs to be beautiful and also durable, we look for indoor/outdoor fabric options.

It’s easy to see why a client would be fearful of white dining spaces. From salsa to spaghetti to wine, a myriad of catastrophes await. Enter Perennials. Luxe white textures and neutral patterns create serene dining areas and can be easily cleaned with bleach. So embrace winter whites all year long!

Counter Bench

Mary Clare Holm Interiors opted for an upholstered counter-height bench when designing a kitchen with large island. Client-favorites like Rough n Rowdy in Sea Salt and Ishi in Vapor are amazing options for dining upholstery. The linen qualities are incredibly durable and come in tons of neutral colorways.

Skirted Arm Chairs

Christian Ladd Interiors created the above elegant dining room by recovering a set of chairs in a classic Perennials linen. Ladd says, “Dining room chairs do not always have to be a huge investment in order to be special. These particular chairs are from Restoration Hardware that we recovered in a Perennials performance fabric to make them feel elevated while still being practical.”

Bright Whites

Bay-area interior designer Jennifer Wundrow combined delicate pieces with a neutral palette to create a tranquil dining space. “Integrating light and neutral fabrics can be daunting to clients, but knowing it is a fabric that can be cleaned allows us to create beautiful, calming spaces without having the worry behind it,” says Wundrow. “We work a lot with young families that don’t want their homes to feel too precious. A great way to achieve this is by utilizing indoor/outdoor fabrics that won’t fade or stain.”

Modern Nook

Chad Dorsey was tasked with creating a bright functional kitchen and dining space in the Kips Bay Dallas Show Home. “Taking an ‘ugly duckling’ and making it special is one of my favorite things to do,” says Dorsey. “I always find great reward in a transformation.” Dorsey carved out an elegant nook for a custom dining banquette covered in On the Lamb in White Sands. The piece both blends beautifully into the nook and adds a cozy feel to the kitchen.

Striped Stools

Nicole Forina designed a black and white wonderland by combining patterns and monotone hues. The bar stools wear a classic Rough Outline stripe to complement the traditional island. Nicole Forina Home’s mantra is “where function meets design,” a statement Perennials definitely stands behind.

Need a refresher on how to clean your whites? Click here!

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